Sunday, February 21, 2016

Another Byte out of the Apple Issue

Adding to my last entry about Apple, Apple Takes a Stand for Our Privacy Rights...

This request of the FBI relates the same as the issue with gun control, where, when you take away the guns from people to stop the killings, all you end up with is the innocent law abiding people without guns to protect themselves and others.  The criminals will never give up their guns, therefore the criminals will be the only ones with the guns and the crime will not only continue it will escalate because they have no fear of encountering resistance from the public that they are terrorizing.

If the FBI, or anyone like them in any other situation like this, thinks that they are going to get information from the phones of terrorists by having this back-door they are mistaken.  As are those who think this idea is going to work.  They will only have a back-door into the phones of the law abiding.  The terrorists and criminals will have and use a technology that will make them evasive.  They will not use a phone or an OS on said phone that is crackable.  It’s just the rest of us who will have to be terrorized by Big Brother in our pockets.  It is always quoted at this point that, If you have nothing to hide then what does it matter.  What matters is the principal.  Realize, that’s what the Germans said when Hitler was instituting all his overloading laws.  It’s all fine until they start coming for you… and they always end up coming for you in the end.  Then there is no one left to stand up for you.  Bye.

To stand up against this (as Apple is doing) is not siding with the terrorists, it is siding with freedom — freedom against the tyranny.  The principle for which America was founded.  Remember what Ben Franklin said, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  So which side are you on?  For to sacrifice your freedom (liberty) as the FBI is asking Apple to do, is to side with the terrorists that threaten us.  

Are you one of those who would lay down liberty for safety, or think that Apple should do so?

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