Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ok, lets talk gun control, shall we

If half of the students at Virginia Tech (VT) were armed do you think it would have had the same outcome? If some student would have had the right to carry a gun that person or persons could have lessened this toll, even if that person would have used a gun haphazardly. But then again to get a concealed carry permit in Virginia you have to have a course in handling a firearm and a criminal background check. But still, they would not have been able to carry it at Virginia Tech because of the gun control that already exists. It's still illegal even with a permit to carry a gun on school grounds.

So we're back to our UK syndrome after all, we've a place where firearms are outlawed and we find that only the outlaw was able to have the gun. No one on the school was LEGALY able to have a gun to defend themselves.

So you tell me, here's a tragic example of gun control in action, does gun control work?

-Liam Sand

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Windows Vista, why you should go back to Windows XP

Or better yet, Linux. Or buy a Mac. Take a look at these articles.

A Windows Vista computer is completely unsuitable for any critical application because it can be degraded and/or disabled by any number of events, deliberately by Microsoft, by malicious software, or even by power fluctuations and similar events.
Windows Vista - Broken by Design
Vista - Arrogance & Stupidity

Iraq Civilian Death Toll

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Where are these Wepons of Mass Destruction?!?
Click and see.