Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Original Master

Doctor Who’s original Master, Roger Delgado, would have been 100 years old today.  

Delgado was a British stage, radio, film, and TV actor from Whitechapel, London who appeared in over 120 movies & TV shows.  He was often cast as a villain in some of my favorite shows - The Avengers, Danger Man, and The Saint with Roger Moore.  Moore was my favorite Bond, who we lost less than a year ago.  

Delgado was the first death of a major Who actor at only 55 years from an auto accident whilst filming for a French series.  Roger Delgado was a close friend of Jon Pertwee and his death played a large part in Pertwee’s departure as the 3rd Doctor a year later in 1974.  Delgado died two years before the 10 year’s his senior first Doctor William Hartnell passed at 67.

There have been several actors that have played The Master on Doctor Who since but none have fit the role with the sinister look as well as Delgado.  Even John Simm, as brilliant as he was, did not have the look of The Master… until the end of series 10 where his look became like an homage to Delgado’s role.  Well played Simm.  

For hardcore Whovians, Roger Delgado will always be the epitome of what The Master is in our hearts.

Delgado was not A master, he was The Master...  the original you might say.