Friday, February 26, 2016

Season Change

It’s what’s Really Happening — But there’s No Money in the Truth

They use to call it Global Warming — until it kept getting colder and they sounded ridiculous.  It would have been better called Global Cooling, as that was what was happening.  Now they’ve changed it to Climate Change to not sound so stupid — to the uneducated.  Remember that in the 70's they were making this same cry but it was that we were going into a Global Ice Age if we didn't do something.  But since education seems to trump all, they have enlisted educated ‘intellectuals’ to join in the fight, and a fight it is.  They are vehement about this and if you disagree with them you will find just how vehemently violent they can become.  That is the indicator that there’s something wrong here - when you have to vehemently content for your views as absolute they are most likely in error.  It’s just like the most religious group I’ve encountered do — the Atheists.

What they fail to see is the truth — why?  It is not a fight for the truth, it is a fight for control.  You see, Climate Change is all about controlling the people of the planet, not about helping the planet.  Any good Geologist can tell you that there is nothing you are going to do that is going to harm the Earth, the Earth is fully capable of taking care of itself.  And that is what we are seeing happen today.  The Earth is changing back to the way it was hundreds of years ago.  It’s just that they don’t want it to.

Mankind is to insignificant to make a change that is going to trouble the Earth.  Even if we nuked ourselves into a ’nuclear winter’ the Earth would fix it.  Remember, these same scientists tell us that astroids did much worse and we lost the dinosaurs from it.  It looks pretty good now.  Likewise, there is nothing we are going to be able to do to help the Earth.  We are that minute and insignificant in comparison to the Earth, but we don't want to admit it.

They don’t what you realizing that, they want you in fear and toting their banner with them.  As such they have ‘educated’ you into their brainwashing with what they call news and documentaries where so called scientists tell you what they want you to believe.  While they ignore all the science that is against their viewpoint — that’s not true science, it's not even scientific.

Time Keeps on Slipping Slipping Slipping, into the Future...

What they want you to forget is that time is slipping.  Seasons are changing.  This gives the illusion that temperatures are changing, which is what they want you to believe.  This is something even my 90 year old aunt had figured out.  She said that, "It is changing back to the way it was when I grew up".  You see, they forget — that’s not science, that's amnesia.  We don’t remember because we’re not old enough but the record keepers know, and they’re not telling you the truth on what the records show.  Oh you think they are because they tell you they are, but they are giving you falsified or adjusted data — which makes it a lie.  All you have to do is investigate it yourself, and don’t do it from their standpoint to where you’re just looking for their data to back up what you want to believe.  Spend your time researching the other side.  Look for what you’re not being told.  If you don't do that or are afraid to look at it from the other side, then you've already admitted that you're wrong — you're just afraid to see it.

The Politics of Dancing

Particularly in America I don’t expect people to remember long enough to understand this.  As every four years they go through the same nonsense of Presidential campaigns and politicians debating and making noise and lies, and people act like it’s the most important thing that their candidate be heard, and then they are out, then they grab the next one, and they are out, and so on.  They never seem to learn or remember that none of this matters, and that it is the same thing every time.  You are not going to effect what the powers that be want done politically.  Can’t you remember that?  They have you wrapped around their finger.  They are pulling our strings.  They know you need a cause, so they give you several, and you grab one and off you run.  This is what Climate Change is doing — giving you a cause.  To distract you.
What is their real goal?

It's the Taxing of the World, as we Know It

Globalism.  The taxing of the world
If I told you that George Orwell warned that, “there would come a time where they would put forth a decree to tax the whole world”, you would probably listen.  But since is comes from the Bible it loses its appeal.  After all, how ridiculous is that.  How are you going to tax the whole world?  Since we all have different political and religious views, the only way to get everyone on board is by making it a global issue — a Climate thing.  Climate Gate.  Therefore all citizens of the Earth must comply.

That is the big picture.

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